Concern for Tytan: Olinda still has a thing with Stunner

Tytan and Olinda

Members of the social media community have suggested that Olinda Chapel still has got feelings for her former husband, Desmond “Stunner” Chideme. This follows Olinda’s recent comments on Stunner’s social life.

Olinda is believed to have defended Stunner saying that she never knew him to be a physical abuser. She wrote:

I don’t know my ex as a physically abusive person. Ndingamunyepere. Handina musi one wandakarohwa. Ipapo ndomureverera hangu. #notoabuse.

She also confessed that she feels good when Stunner and partner, Dionne Tafirenyika have a rough course in their relationship. Olinda said:

When your ex and the person that was part of your break up has issues, the honest truth is moyo unotombofara chete. (your heart rejoices). It’s human nature, it doesn’t mean you haven’t moved on or you are unhappy.

Olinda later deleted her posts but Zimbabweans had responded to her posts. Some expressed concern over the impact of Olinda’s behaviour to Tytan her husband.