ZEC Bars MRP From Using Elephant Symbol In Elections, Says Its Illegal To Use Animal Symbols

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has barred the Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) from using its elephant symbol in the harmonised elections.

ZEC said that it was illegal for any political party to use an animal symbol. Said Zec commissioner Qhubani Moyo,

An elephant is a prohibited symbol. It’s the law, you cannot register for elections using an elephant as a party symbol.

MRP president Mqondisi Moyo said,

Zec disqualified our logo, allegedly on the dictates of the Electoral Act that prohibits the use of an elephant as a party election symbol.

We have changed our symbol under protest though because Zec has failed to give us the exact statutory instrument that criminalises the use of an elephant as a party symbol.

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