Welshman Ncube to be taken to court over dissolving his MDC

Welshman Ncube

An activist of the now defunct MDC (Green) Ntokozo Tshikizamkhonto Tshili has threatened to sue its former President Professor Welshman Ncube over what he termed the illegal dissolution of the party.

Tshili, who was a vibrant member of MDC in good standing, took to Facebook to appeal to his former colleagues to explain to him how the party was dissolved.

He threatened that if the party cadres do not give him an appropriate response he will take to the courts to seek a determination on the matter.

Read the post below:

Ok, now I am very serious. I need to know how my party MDC formerly led by Welshman Ncube was dissolved.

According to the constitution, the party can be dissolved:

1. Only at congress attended by 1/3 of members or 2/3 of PE structures
2. If motion is adopted by 3/4 votes by members
3. The assets of the party are to be sold and money goes to charity. No member shall benefit from assets

Now I need to know when the Congress to dissolve the party was held and which charity benefitted

I am for suing if it becomes necessary. But right now I am asking people to relate to me what happened to my party and if it was right or not. I will get to that and am set for it (if need be)

My dear friends from the party formely led by Welshman Ncube, you all refuse to assist me with information about the demise of my political party.

I fully excuse those who are no longer involved in any of the MDC formations as they can choose to ignore my plea. However I expect those who are still active in politics under various MDC formations to recognise the need to inform a comrade who has been left behind in unfolding events. But unfortunately you all refuse to assist me.

I will pen an open letter to the persons who last were the Presidents and Secretary General further requesting answers to my question as I feel I have a full right to information as a member of the party.

Judging by your responses, I would not be surprised if I get silence as a response. I am however determined to get to the very bottom of what may be burying my party.

I do not believe that I no longer have comrades in the people who were in the MDC. I would still like to give cordiality a chance but am not going to be too pious about it

Source – Byo24