Khupe And Madhuku’s Comments After Mnangagwa Meeting

Thokozani Khupe

MDC-T leader Ms Thokozani Khupe said politicians must take pride in coming together regardless of their political beliefs.

She said this after attending a meeting presided by President Mnangagwa to discuss the framework for dialogue and interaction. Said Khupe:

We must pride ourselves as a country because of the fact that we have managed to come together as opposition parties and the ruling party to chart the way forward in regards to our country and our economy. We are saying we must put our differences aside as political parties and come together so that we talk about moving our country forward.

We want a better life for every Zimbabwean.

The people of Zimbabwe want food on their tables, they want jobs, they want houses and they want good health and education. We agreed as political parties that we are going dialogue as political parties around these issues so that we find permanent solutions to the problems bedevilling our country.

National Constitutional Assembly leader Professor Lovemore Madhuku said opposition parties have a contribution to make in issues of governance. Said Madhuku:

The purpose of today’s meeting was really to find each other. We are Zimbabweans and as Zimbabweans there can be no harm in meeting from time to time discussing issues we face as a country. The most important issue is to raise the standard of living of our people. As opposition political parties we have a contribution to make as Government has also a contribution to make.

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