Dejected Zimbabweans threaten to mute Chamisa on twitter over #Godisnit and Bible verses

Nelson Chamisa

CRITICS of Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa have accused the opposition leader of feeding Zimbabweans with false hope.

This follows a series of X posts by Chamisa with a message of hope accompanied by a bible verse and the hashtag #GodIsInIt.

Labour Economists and African Democrats president Linda Masarira and Zimbabweans on X were quick to react to Chamisa’s post saying the CCC leader was failing to boost confidence among the electorate that voted for him.

“Fellow Citizens; Trust this #Godisinit  I believe in. Let them not mock you. He has never let me down before. He will surely visit Zimbabwe. He will show Himself mighty and strong.

“You will love it. He is always on time. Ignore these manly and sham sideshows. Don’t say I didn’t tell you! Be happy Zimbabwe! Isaiah 33:22 #OnePeople,” said Chamisa on X.

In response, Masarira took a swipe at Chamisa telling him to leave politics and instead open a church.

“Is this not too much my brother?” queried Masarira.

“People are waiting for leadership from you? You continue feeding them with false hope. One day, this God you always hashtag will answer you, I presume. In the meantime, give those who voted for your confidence, not verses,” said Masarira on X.

“If you have failed, consider opening a church. I think you would make a very good pastor. You are a true shepherd. Sometimes, we misinterpret God’s word. With your stance, I am 100% convinced you were called to preach the word of God not to be a political leader. May the good Lord open your eyes and redirect you to your true calling.”

Chamisa came second with a 44% share of the vote while President Emmerson Mnangagwa was proclaimed the winner with 52,6%.

This is the second time that Chamisa has contested and lost to Mnangagwa.

In 2018, Chamisa challenged the election results but lost the case at the Constitutional Court and this year he has demanded a fresh election.

Other X users were not shy of expressing their views saying there was need for a strong and decisive opposition.

“It’s now time to mute you, Mr President. For our mental health,” responded one Seni Makaka on X.

“Truth be told, you are the obstacle. Your baseless false bravado will not get us anywhere to be honest,” said Brian Muyambo on X.

Chamisa has been criticized for his ‘strategic ambiguity’ and refusal to reveal his plan to wrestle power from Zanu PF. – Newzim

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