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Chamisa tells loyalists not to despair

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THE Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa says Zimbabwe cannot endure another five-year wait as he vowed to take charge of the country.

Zanu PF’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa was announced the winner of the election with 52,6% of the vote ahead of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)’s Nelson Chamisa who polled  44%.

The polls were roundly condemned by local and foreign electoral observer missions for once again failing the litmus test of free, fair and credible electoral standards.

Chamisa has since rejected the entire process describing it as a “gigantic fraud” tilted towards propping up Mnangagwa to victory.

In a major climb-down since the country’s independence, the historically cautious African Union and SADC Electoral Observation Mission (SEOM) couldn’t ignore the flouting of regulations leading to their prompt condemnation of the process.

The developments have once again thrown the nation into uncertainty on the way forward, leaving many questioning the capacity of polls to deliver meaningful change for the citizenry.

But addressing party supporters in Mashonaland Central Province Thursday, Chamisa said the country cannot wait any longer.

“They may run around and try everything but the truth is that time is coming. We are not going to wait for another five years. We can’t wait for that long over this kind of rubbish.

“Five years of no salaries. Five years of no money. Five years of no hospitals. Five years of no drugs in the hospitals. Five years of no education for our children. Five years of no dignity to our people. Five years of our people living in the diaspora. We won’t agree to that,” he said.

He called on party supporters to be vigilant and remain focused towards the attainment of a new Zimbabwe.

The opposition leader said winning must trigger a spontaneous celebration which was not the case with Zanu-pf.

“A thief cannot celebrate the spoils of stolen property because of the fear that the real owner may resurface to claim what is duly his.

“So I have come to Mashonaland Central to inform you not to despair because of the theft you experienced. Losing your yield to theft does not mean that you are not a good farmer. If someone steals from you it simply shows you are in fact the best farmer.

“That is why we are saying Zimbabwe did not hold any elections. What took place was a shoddy process hence the need to start afresh,” said Chamisa.

He said Zanu PF used intimidation, coercion, manipulation, command voting, assisted voting, headmen voting and manipulation by chiefs in rural areas whereas in urban areas there was voter suppression.

The opposition leader said the just-ended polls were illegally facilitated by the Forever Associates of Zimbabwe (FAZ) when the Zimbabwe Elections Commission (ZEC) is the only authority allowed to manage the general election.

“The involvement of FAZ contravened the country’s Constitution, the Electoral Act and SADC principles and guidelines, African Union Statutes and global statutes on elections,” he added. – Newzim