Chamisa scoffs at police ‘weapons discovery’

Zimbabwean opposition Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) leader Nelson Chamisa addresses a media briefing in Harare, Zimbabwe, November 15, 2018. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo

HARARE – MDC president, Nelson Chamisa has dismissed reports that police recovered weapons bent on being used for violence in the August 16 demonstrations indicating that they were not a threat to the government.

Speaking in an interview with an online publication Thursday, Chamisa called on the members of the police force to serve the people.

He reiterated that the demonstrations which would be conducted in the form of a march was to be peaceful.

“Sadly I hear some of the murmuring and disturbing statements coming from our law enforcement agents,” he said.

“They are not our enemy. The people are not the enemy. It is the people’s force, it is a people’s police and that is why on their insignia it is written Pro Popula, Pro Lege, Pro Patria which means, for the people, for the law and for the country so our police force must be able to work for the people, for the law and for the country.

“If there are any people who are bringing stones, those people must be arrested in any event, I do not understand how stones which are not interacting with anything could actually be construed as a threat, these were created by God, they have not been taken by any human being, assuming that there are human beings who are trying to mobilise stones, that is not lawful and that is why we have a police force.”

Chamisa scoffed at the idea of stones and primitive weapons being considered as a threat to the president Mnangagwa led government.

“I do not understand how a sack of granite stones could constitute a threat to power, even to a mayor, you can not even overthrow a mayor through stones that are in a sack or through what they are alleging are catapults, even birds can not be threatened by catapults, what more of a government that has guns, machine guns and all other assortments of weapons.

“I appeal to members of the police to do their constitutional duty and provide protection, safety, order and make sure that the people are protected, that the nation is secure, that they become what they are supposed to be in terms of the law, a people police and a police force that is serving the people of Zimbabwe and we hope they perform their duty.”

Chamisa accused members of the ruling Zanu-PF of being violent and encouraged all taking part in the demonstrations to not be coerced into engaging in violence.

“We are aware that our colleagues from Zanu-PF will always want to come and cause violence, we know that our people are very resilient and will stop these kinds of issues by being peaceful, do not be provoked and invited in anything that is unlawful, do not be physical or forceful, just be peaceful and that is my plea to the people of Zimbabwe peace has always been in our DNA, it is simple, it is our winning formula and it is our solution, it is sustainable.”

A series of demonstrations are scheduled to rock the country from August 16 and it is still unclear as to when they are scheduled to end.

Source – online