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Zanu-PF MP wants law to punish ‘terrorists’ calling for Zimbabwe sanctions

Pupurai Togarepi
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CONTROVERSIAL Zanu-PF youth league secretary Pupurai Togarepi has called on parliament to craft a law that would make it possible for anyone calling for sanctions against the country to be prosecuted.

The Gutu South MP said this in parliament on Wednesday after MDC Mutasa South MP, Tsungai Regai had suggested that Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube should come to the House of Assembly and explain how Zimbabweans can continue surviving under current increases in prices of goods and services.

“We want Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube to come and explain now how we can survive,” Regai said.

“We cannot even buy sugar, salt, bread, fuel and medication and people are dying due to stress.”

However, this did not go down well with the excitable Zanu-PF legislator who was quick to accuse the MDC for calling for Western sanctions against the Harare administration.

“We have challenges on the economy, some being caused by sanctions,” Togarepi said.

“There are some MPs in this House who are going outside to call for these restrictions.

“There should be a law to prosecute those who seek for sanctions. They are terrorists,” Togarepi said.

However, the rest of Togarepi’s address was drowned in heckles by MDC MPs with one party lawmaker heard shouting, “Sit down. You are busy stealing, then you come to Parliament to talk about sanctions.”

The opposition heckles forced Togarepi to take his seat before he could finish his contribution.

Source – newzimbabwe