‘Half ZANU PF MPs never reached Form 2’ – Mliswa

Temba Mliswa

Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says half of the ruling ZANU PF Members of Parliament did not reach Form 2 and that makes them fail to debate progressively at the August House.

Said Mliswa, “From information I’ve gathered, it would appear that almost half of the ZANU PF MPs have not reached the Form 2 Level of education. It’s a stat that unfortunately considerably reduces the level of debate in Parly. It’s no wonder heated debates are often trivialised to verbal abuse, profanities and personal slurs.

“Commonplace also becomes the different parties unfairly accusing the Speaker of favouritism when a decision is made against them; he’s in a hard place but must do his job. Partisan politics will not drive Parly anywhere and should stop.”

Mliswa said ZANU PF MPs met at the parliamentary caucus to discuss why he was being given more time to speak in parliament.

“If you have a party caucusing on bringing up a point of privileged that Mliswa is given more chances to talk, the level of thinking is now understood. If any constitutional amendment is required, the qualifications to stand as a MP should be addressed or it’s a waste of time

“All constitutional amendments being pushed for mean nothing for as long as those holding public office do not have at least, at the bare minimum, O’Levels. It’s hogwash otherwise. I challenge ZANU PF to prove me wrong.”

Source – Byo24

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