Zambian Elections: Mliswa Warns Mnangagwa

Temba Mliswa

HARARE – Independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa against abusing power saying the just ended Zambian elections should serve as a lesson that nothing is impossible.

In a long Twitter thread, Mliswa accused Mnangagwa of surrounding himself with corrupt people who cannot sacrifice for him but are only closer to him to loot.

The firebrand former Zanu PF Mashonaland west chairperson said the ruling party is allowing violent people to occupy influential positions.

Below is Mliswa’s thread;

Zambians have shown Zimbabweans that there is nothing that is impossible. If it’s God’s time it’s God’s time. Leaders should simply be responsible when in power and represent people honestly.

That’s my continuing message to leaders in Zimbabwe. The multiple scandalous cases of corruption. The Drax case, abuse of taxpayer’s monies, abuse of state institutions, you think people are happy? Leaders sharing profits from taxpayer’s money? People are watching and they know.

Whether you kill people who are speaking now won’t change anything. A fire has been lit in Zimbabwe and it will grow and grow in 2023. What is happening in Zimbabwe isn’t what people expected. You can see that Agwa chagwa, pazed.

Whether a leader has military support, ultimately power is with the people. Zimbabwe deserves better. When some of us start speaking remember we worked for the creation of the 2nd Republic and have been very supportive but it has not turned out to be what we hoped.

The Commissioner General of Police is committing crime violating PRAZ regulations& is not arrested. Liberations gains are reversed with relocation of innocent communal people because of corrupt deals with Chinese.

The Chinese are doing as they wish. The Land Reform, the Minister of Agriculture is reversing all of it trying to please whites.

Now we hear of a US$3.5 billion pipeline, for what when the one we already have isn’t even used that much. Why do that when we have derelict hospitals and infrastructure. Why would we do that? And you think people are quiet and not seeing that?

There is the arresting of people willy-nilly and selective application of the law. However, destroying the leaders does not destroy the electorate, the people who vote for them.

I can state today that the leadership of ZANU PF and its people think differently. There is a disconnection. The internal processes of ZANU PF are non-existent. There is no internal democracy.

I have already pronounced before that the DCC process would destroy the party. Come 2023 expect a number of independent Councillors and MPs because political parties have abused Section 129(1)K recalling members even over personal differences.

They are bigger issues. Zambians have held elections in the midst of Covid yet we have stopped ours whilst we have ZUPCOs moving around full. So how can people be fully represented?

The unstated implication is a fear that by-elections will show how some are not needed come 2023. We are on the ground& know what is happening. The President surrounded by a lot of criminals, people who cannot sacrifice themselves but are just there to loot.

They are not helping him at all. They have fanned the politics of hatred. We saw it with the persecution of Joyce Mujuru. She never called for a meeting to be voted for. It was the people who wanted that at Congress& they were turned down. This resulted in persecutions.

That has destroyed ZANU PF. You must ask why the President got 50.08% in the election yet the rest of the party had two thirds. That has never happened before. It was a response from the people over issues which are there.

In Hurungwe the party had violent campaigns involving Ziyambi, people like Chinjai, Masenda, Vengi Musengi. People were beaten. That is why I cannot be part of a system that believes beating up people is the best way to win elections.

These are God’s people, any spilled blood and God will respond in his own way.

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