Temba’s ex clears the air on photo with Chamisa

Susan Mutami, a former lover of Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa has said there are no strings attached between her and MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.
Susan made the remarks after her pictures with Chamisa made rounds on social media prompting sone to suggest that they had a romantic relationship. We present her Twitter thread below.
Let me clear this once and for all. I see some of u getting excited over some pictures that are circulating. The picture w @nelsonchamisaI took it at the airport in SA in 2017 as a photo opportunity as everyone was taking pictures w him on that day.
The picture w Hon Musanhi I took that at his house in Avondale, there’s no relationship whatsoever so please don’t get too excited over nothing.
With Hon Kambamura he’s someone that I know from way back and I once helped him apply for a house in Westgate when his payslip had been rejected by PamGolding Zim and all these pictures I gave them to the investigating officers that came to interview me.
They wanted to know anyone that I had been in contact with wemuGovt.
In the past and present. So if it’s a game of wanting to destroy me it will not work by tarnishing me with photo opportunity pictures that I took with prominent people.

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