‘Mnangagwa’s Record Is Clear, He Cannot Hide Behind Billboards’ – Noah Manyika

Dr Noah Manyika

Build Zimbabwe Alliance (BZA) President Dr Noah Manyika has lashed at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration over countrywide campaign billboards saying the electorate will not be distracted by the government’s history of failure.

By Costa Nkomo

Speaking to the BZA contesting candidates at the constitutional and leadership orientation seminar in the capital on Saturday, Dr Manyika pounded into the government’s pretentious gesture through well-decorated pledges on the campaign material.

“We cannot pretend we don’t know who destroyed our country. Their record is clear. The number and size of their billboards won’t change their record. They may boast about their imaginary success, but if their candidature’s tenure as National and Rural Housing and Social Amenities Minister was an illustrious one as their manifesto claims, where are the successful housing projects and great social amenities”?

The ruling government, in its manifesto, pledged 1.5 million housing units in the next five years once elected into office.

“If they delivered the promises they made to the Zimbabwean people in 1980, why are more than 70% of our people still in poverty today?” charged Manyika.

Manyika further condemned the government’s failure to combat illegal cash traders who roam the streets in almost every town at a time the cash crisis has reached alarming levels.

This comes on the back of the revelation made by the Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa, who reported that of the 97 billion transactions made in the country, about 96% is electronic.

“Meanwhile, Bond Notes are being traded openly on the streets. We know where for examples in Masvingo outside Chicken Inn and also in the streets of Harare.”

Speaking at a panel discussion organised by the Zimbabwe Electoral Support Network (ZESN) a fortnight ago, National Patriotic Front, (NPF) spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire implicated President Mnangagwa’s nephew into the illegal cash dealers.

“At the Reserve Bank, there is a company Spartan Investments and is owned by Mnangagwa’s son. This is the one that delivers RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) balances to street traders,” said Mawarire

Dr Manyika said Zimbabwe has reached a point where people need to ask themselves why their country or even one African country has not progressed into the first world country.

He implored the electorate to understand the consequence of voting without knowledge of the contestants saying ‘there is need to watch out for those who are responsible for the misery bedevilling the people today’.

Meanwhile, BZA Secretary-General, Ranganai Pazorora, said the leadership and constitutional seminar was meant to equip their candidates with skills on how to tackle parliamentary and governance obligations. – Source: 263Chat

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