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Chamisa claims ZEC plans to stuff printed ballot papers pre-marked for ED

Nelson Chamisa
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MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa claims to be in possession of evidence of how President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his regime intended to dump ballot paper printed in the presence of the opposition recently for another one sourced from a secret location with votes already cast in favour of his Zanu PF competitor.

Chamisa claims to have received the tip-off from a close Mnangagwa associate.

The presidential hopeful said during his first E-rally Monday night and that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) was leading the country to a rigged July election end of this month.

He said voters would be made to use an already marked ballot with an X already cast in favour of Mnangagwa as they allegedly did in 2013.

“From my highly placed sources who is within the ruling party I managed to get what they did in 2013, which is why I am very much concerned about on the issue of the ballot, this is what they want to repeat,” said Chamisa.

“But we will not allow them to repeat it, we will not allow the mistake of 2013, we will not allow the gaps of yesteryear.”

“We are going to make sure that we deal with this issue in a permanent way.”

The MDC Alliance candidate also said that is the reason why ZEC invited opposition political party leaders to come and observe the printing of the ballot papers while standing some 20 metres away and why Zanu PF did not question the quality of the balloting material and instead was busy defending ZEC.

“They used a parallel or duplicate ballot system where they printed almost an equivalent number of the ballot paper that had been printed officially so that in those duplicate ballot papers, they have the same equal serial numbers as the official ballot papers,” he said.

He also said that was the reason why Zanu PF has allegedly been publishing results of dodgy surveys, tipping it to win the July 30 vote by 70%.

He said Zanu PF was only doing that to try and psychologically prepare the nation for the scam.

“They will have a pre-marked ballot which then will have a percentage say 70% for Mnangagwa, 30% for Chamisa or they may even want to prop up (Thokozani) Khupe to become their front person and give her a few percentage points to complete the whole picture,” he said.

“So, as you go to vote, when you are voting in the fictitious ballot, that ballot does no show or reflect you because it has already been pre-marked.”

He added, “But the moment you place your X on that ballot paper the ink that is placed on that ballot paper is then going to activate, remove it after some few hours, once is it removed then the pre-marked point is then going to reflect in favour of Mnangagwa.

His comments also follow appeals by his top aide Charlton Hwende for voters to carry their own ball point pens to polling stations arguing the pens procured by ZEC for balloting were a scam.

Chamisa has called for a demonstration Wednesday to try and pressure ZEC to deliver a free and fair election. – New Zim