ZESA bosses exonerate Jere in US$3, 5m meter tender

Farai Jere

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company bosses who are state witnesses in the case in which Helcraw Electrical director Farai Jere implicated in a fraudulent US$3, 5 million smart meters deal have cleared the businessman of any wrongdoing.

Jere is being charged together with former Zesa engineers Leonard Chisina and Freeman Chikonzo.

While leading evidence before Magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa, State witness engineer Munyaradzi Chuma, who prepared a report which the State claimed is fake, said his report captured facts of what transpired when they visited the United Kingdom to assess the smart meters.

Chuma said tests were done in the UK to the satisfaction of all the teams that were present. He also said his report also highlighted issues that needed to be corrected, especially amperage.

Asked by Jere’s lawyer, Advocate Lewis Uriri if he was forced to sign the report, Chuma said he signed it because it reflected what had happened.

Another witness, Wilfred Shereni, who was the project manager at ZETDC when smart meters were delivered, told the court that the smart meters supplied by Helcraw Electrical had passed the functionality test by over 80%.

Shereni further said the metres were a pilot project and any shortcoming would be corrected on the next phase after a full appreciation of strength and weaknesses.

“This was a pilot project because we wanted to test on our specifications so that when it passes, we will roll out the whole country,” Shereni told court.

Advocate Uriri then asked Shereni if the accused violated any laws to which he said none. – News Day

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