Zanu-PF Accused Of Defying Court Order Barring It From Forcing School Children To Attend Rallies

The Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (Artuz) has accused Zanu-PF of defying A High Court order from Justice Joseph Mafusire barring it from forcing school children to attend its rallies. Artuz has instructed its lawyers to seek leave to execute Justice Mafusire’s order pending appeal as Zanu-PF has appealed the order at the Supreme Court.

Said Artuz president Obert Masaraure,

It is crystal clear that the appeal by Zanu PF was aimed at suspending the court order so that the party could violate children and teachers’ rights with impunity ahead of the polls. There is an urgent need to get relief for the teachers and learners.

To mitigate against this mischievous act, Veritas and ARTUZ have instructed our lawyer, Doug Coltart to seek leave to execute the order pending appeal. We will approach Masvingo High Court seeking leave to execute Justice Mafusire’s safe schools order pending the Supreme Court’s determination on Zanu PF’s appeal.

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