Thabani Mpofu labeled ‘half-baked lawyer’

Thabani Mpofu

HARARE – The controversial government Information deputy minister Energy Mutodi has labelled opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s lawyer Thabani Mpofu a ‘half-baked’ lawyer after he opined that the president Mnangagwa in appointing both VPs as acting presidents violated the constitution.

Mutodi said Mpofu needed a judge to help him interpret the constitution. The Deputy Minister tweeted:

A half-backed lawyer Thabani Mpofu purports that a President on leave cannot perform executive functions. Even after delegation, the principal is still accountable & responsible for the actions of his proxy. He can resurrect from his leave & perform executive duties at any time.

You don’t quote the constitution verbatim without applying your mind to it. You need common law & authoritative texts to fully understand what legislators intended to achieve when they introduced those statutes. Thabani needs a Judge to help him understand the Constitution

The president is on an on and off 3 weeks leave and he appointed both Vice Presidents as acting presidents before he left, a move Mpofu said was in violation of the constitution.

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