Soldier on trial for robbing forex dealers


According to the Zimbabwean press, the 29-year-old National Army officer Norest Nyasoro yesterday appeared before the Judge Harare. The accused faces two years for robbery after he teamed up with two accomplices to rob foreign exchange traders in Chitungwiza.

National Army officer faces the Judge of Peace

Nyasoro, who was based at Manyame Air Base, was charged along with Tihonaona Sosera (27) and Mafaking Tagara (24) after the trio appeared before Judge of the Peace Rumbidzai Mugvagva. The judge returned the accused men to custody and advised them to apply for bail in the High Court. According to the details of the investigation, on January 19, Nyasoro contacted a 20-year-old forex dealer, intending to interest the exchange of his bonds for US dollars.

Tagara, Sosera, and Nyasoro lured the forex trader into their vehicle and immediately stated to the victim that he had been arrested for illegal currency trading. The trio allegedly searched the dealer and took 640 dollars and 400 rubles. After committing the crime, the accused pushed the victim out of the car and drove away.

Then the case took a more interesting turn. This month, the aforementioned forex dealer noticed a trio car that had previously robbed him and immediately went to the police.After victim identified criminals they were arrested

Zimbabwean trio robbed more than one trader

The local press also claims that on January 30 of this year, the defendants worked out a plan to rob unsuspecting foreign currency dealers in the Zengeza shopping complex. According to the investigation, the accused approached the victim Ophios Chinomone and told him that they wanted to exchange their money for the US dollars and agreed to meet the next day after he brings the money.

The next day, the robbers contacted the victim on a mobile phone to find out his whereabouts. The applicant sent the trio to where he was. Chinomona met with the defendants at the offices of Zesa in Zengeza.

After Chinomone got into the Toyota IST that drove Sosera they left, to confirm the exchange rate with other Forex dealers. After that the trio used the same threatening scheme as in the previous case alleging their victims in the illegal foreign currency trading. The accused informed the complainant they were soldiers who had carried out the operation against currency traders.

The accused allegedly presented a military uniform to instill fear in the victim. The local media claims that the defendants attacked the applicant several times and took his money. In total, they took from him $ 1,700 and 50 rubles.

After committing the crime, they stopped the car and pushed Chinomone out of their vehicle. Detectives returned to trio robbery victim $ 127 and recovered a military uniform from the suspects after their arrest. Sebastian Mutisirva appeared before the state.

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