Mysterious stones haunt granny

A MARANGE woman is having a torrid time as she tries to ascertain the origins of the stones that are being thrown at her house every night.

This has seen Gogo Mariah Tirinda accusing her neighbours Wonder and John Mateya of being behind the strange occurrences.

Gogo Tirinda last week dragged the Mateya siblings to the Mutare Civil Courts applying for peace and protection orders, barring them from disturbing her peace by throwing stones at her house at night.

They appeared before Mutare Magistrate, Miss Notebulgah Muchineripi.

Gogo Tirinda believes that the siblings are the ones throwing the stones as she bought the house from their late father.

She believes the duo is disgruntled over the matter.

The stones, the court heard, ‘rain’ on the rooftop every night.

“I don’t really know where the stones are coming from, but I believe these boys are the ones disturbing my peace by throwing them at my house. These stones are being thrown every night and I am living in fear.

“I hardly sleep and I am asking the courts to intervene and bar them from disturbing my peace.

“I don’t owe them anything, but I know they are bitter. They are doing everything possible to disturb my peace,” said an emotionally-charged Gogo Tirinda.

She added: “The two are bitter that I now occupy a house that belonged to their parents. They are tormenting me.”

The Mateya siblings denied ever disturbing Gogo Tirinda’s peace, describing her as confused.

“She should do thorough investigations, dig deeper and ascertain where the stones are coming from. We don’t know where this is coming from and we don’t know why, out of everyone, she chose to blame us for being behind the mysterious stones.

“Something she is not disclosing to the court could be haunting her. We are not concerned that she took over our parents’ stand as the transaction was done when we were very young.

“We have nothing to do with it.

“At one time we were summoned by our village head over the issue and we were exonerated. That is why she has decided to approach this court,” said one of the brothers.

Miss Muchineripi granted the protection order in Gogo Tirinda’s favour and told the siblings to desist from disturbing her peace. – Manica Post

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