Man jailed 98 years for sodomy

A SAKUBVA man who sodomised nine juveniles whom he sweet-talked or kidnapped to accompany him to his house in Maonde has been slapped with a 98-year jail term upon conviction by Mutare regional magistrate, Mrs Loice Mukunyadzi.

Irimai Gowera will however spend the next 58 years in prison after Mrs Mukunyadzi suspended 42 years of his sentence for five years on condition of good behaviour. Gowera had pleaded guilty to only one of the nine counts he was facing and was denying the rest. However, a full trial was conducted and substantive evidence was produced in court which led to his conviction.

After sexually assaulting the minors he threatened them with death if they divulged the cases to anyone. Some of the abused boys only opened up after one of them reported the case to the police.

Mr Walter Saunyama represented the State. In the matter he pleaded guilty, Gowera saw the ten year old complainant walking along a path near his house and approached him.

He held the boy by his hand and led him to his home on November 29, 2017.

The minor did not resist accompanying Gowera since he used to greet him whenever they met. The boy did not suspect any bad intentions from Gowera. When they reached Gowera’s house, he led the minor into his room and locked the door.

He then sodomised the complainant.  After the act, he dressed the complainant and opened the door for the child to leave.

The child did not scream or shout for help. However, on December 1, the minor told his father’s friend about the matter. His father was then told and the matter was reported to the police leading to Gowera’s arrest.

After his arrest, more complainants opened up to their parents and revealed the abuse. In one of the instances, Gowera instructed three siblings aged 5, 7 and 8 years to enter into his room while their aunt was away.

The boys refused but Gowera held them all and forced them into his room without their consent. He locked the door.  While inside he ordered them to remove their shorts but they refused.

He then forcibly removed the boys’ shorts and sexually assaulted each one of them while the others watched.

To silence them, Gowera threatened to kill them. The boys kept quiet until their aunt confronted them after Gowera’s arrest.

Gowera also approached a 13 year old boy at a public bathroom in Maonde where he was fetching water.

“He grabbed the boy, gagged his mouth and carried him to his house where he entered his room and locked the door. He switched on the radio and played it loud. He wore a condom and forcibly had anal intercourse with the boy. Gowera threatened to kill the boy if he spilled the beans to anyone.

“Some days later, Gowera was bathing alone at the same public bathroom when the same complainant came to fetch some water. He dragged the complainant and since he was already naked, he wore a condom which was in the pocket of his pair of trousers and sodomised the boy. He also threatened to kill him if he disclosed the ordeal to anyone,” said Mr Saunyama.

The matter came to light after the complainant’s mother heard that Gowera had been arrested for aggravated indecent assault. She confronted her son until he revealed the matter.