Can you please explain yourself!- Moyo to Mnangagwa court challenge

Former Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo and President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo has requested more information from Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa before he can respond to the $3 million defamation lawsuit filed last Friday.


In a request for further particulars filed by Moyo’s lawyers, Hussein, Ranchhod and Co, the Tsholotsho North MP wants Mnangagwa to explain a number of issues before he can submit his defence. Moyo wants Mnangagwa to explain what the politburo is and also the position held by the Vice-President in the forum.

“Plaintiff (Mnangagwa) is required to state what Zanu PF politburo is, what positions do the plaintiff and defendant hold in the politburo, how many members consist of the politburo?” part of the request read.

Moyo wants Mnangagwa to explain how he caused the video, which he presented against Mnangagwa, to be circulated to the general public.

“The manner in which defendant instigated the circulation to the general public of the video, what date and place did the defendant ‘instigate’ the circulation of the video to the general public?” the demand read.

Moyo also wants Mnangagwa to provide him with a copy of the video or transcript of the exact words, which he uttered, which are defamatory and also demands to know if Mnangagwa was given an opportunity to respond to the defamatory statements in the politburo.

Mnangagwa filed a defamation lawsuit against Moyo after the minister allegedly claimed the Vice-President attempted to murder veteran broadcaster, Godfrey Majonga by forcing him to jump out of a window in a Harare building.

The Vice-President says the allegations are patently false and have affected his credibility and undermine him as the Vice-President of Zimbabwe and government official responsible of administering the Justice ministry. – NewsDay