The adverse effects of drug abuse

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Many a times we find people stuck up in either drug, alcohol and substance abuse addiction or dependency and we ask ourselves why. 

People think it’s easy to wake up and say this morning I am stopping this habit, there is this to consider as we help someone overpower their addiction or impulsive use.

Why do people keep taking drugs?

Many people don’t become addicted to drugs but continue using them for the same reasons they started.

Others who have become physically addicted or mentally addicted want more and more drugs.

Drugs can influence the body’s natural metabolism by burning up nutrients at an abnormally high speed.

When the body lacks these nutrients, a person experiences negative symptoms.

Regular drug use continues to create deficiencies and imbalances.

As the person continues taking drugs, he feels he needs them to get rid of the unwanted conditions in his body.

To handle those physical conditions, he’ll probably take more drugs. He’s addicted.  Eventually, getting drugs becomes the most important thing in his life, using up all his time, money and energy.

While many may really want to, what stops a person from quitting the drug?

For a person addicted to drugs, be it alcohol, street drugs or medicine of some sort, the physical, emotional and mental pains and discomfort of withdrawal are often too much to bear and prevent the person from quitting the drug.

Some people stop taking drugs, but later relapse.

Drug residues remain in the body after use. They can be released during periods of stress and physical exercise, resulting in the former user getting a little “taste” of the drug.

The result: the person gets a craving to take that drug, and so they relapse.

What is the hardest part of coming off drugs?

The hardest part of coming off drugs is physical and emotional withdrawal.

Drug abuse creates vitamin and mineral deficiencies that create aches and pains in the body and emotional depressions, anxiety, etc.

These can be so great that the drug addict goes back to the drug to “solve” the physical anguish.

Different drugs create different deficiencies.

Some can even cause convulsions, hallucinations, or even death when withdrawal symptoms “turn on” too suddenly.  It is best to seek the advice of a competent physician for a holistic approach to withdrawal.

What is the value of drugs to the drug user? 

Drugs are considered valuable by addicts to the degree that they produce some “desirable effect,” but all they do is ruin the person and the lives of those around him.

Drug abuse can put a person out of touch with the world around them, and drive them away from their family and friends.

νMthandazo Ndlovu is a drug prevention and rehabilitation specialist. For help and more information call, WhatsApp or email and join the Rechabites in creating a drug-free society.

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