WATCH: Rihanna does Gwara Gwara dance at #Grammys

Rihanna performing. Picture: Twitter.

The 60th annual Grammy Awards ceremony which was held yesterday at Madison Square Garden, New York City was lit. This prestigious award ceremony attended by A-list celebs lived up to its standard, from high fashion at the red carpet to stunning performances.

And of course, Rihanna didn’t disappoint on stage. Performing her hit  song with Dj Khaled and Bryston Tiller, ‘Wild Thoughts’, Riri shut it down with the Gwara Gwara dance, the famous South African dance move, that was made popular by Dj Bongs.

Watch: Rihanna doing the Gwara Gwara dance:
In other news, Sam Smith was nervous about performing at the Grammy Awards.
The 25-year-old singer is used to playing sell-out venues around the world, but he still gets scared before going on stage, though he was also very “excited” to sing ‘Pray’ at the music extravaganza on Sunday, January 28.
Speaking on the red carpet before the ceremony at New York’s Madison Square Garden, he admitted: “Singing in front of people is still nerve-racking. Yeah, it is. It’s mad.
“It will be fun tonight. I’m excited to get this lyric and this song out there and yes, I’m excited.”
Sam – who is in a relationship with ‘Stranger Things’ actor Brandon Flynn – showed his support for the Time’s Up initiative by accessorising his green suit with a white rose and he spoke of his belief that the world “needs” equality for “absolutely everyone”.
He said: “I hope we get better. And I just hope we keep striving forward towards equality for absolutely everyone and every situation across the board.
“Being a gay man, we need that as a community. And the world needs it now.”
The British singer recently performed a one-off show at Australia’s Sydney Opera House and he admitted it took him a while to get back into the swing of performing.
He joked to E! News’ Ryan Seacrest: “I’d just been on holiday so I was out drinking for six weeks and I forgot what my job was so, it’s good.
“After the first two shows, I got into it. I feel like I’m in the swing of things now.”
While Sam has poured his heart and soul into his latest album, ‘The Thrill of It All’, he admitted he won’t be sure of how people really feel about the record until he gets out on tour and can better connect with his fans.
He explained: “It’s really hard to gauge how people are connected to it until I go on tour.
“When I’m on tour, that’s when you really get that opportunity to see your fans and see what the music is doing. I can’t wait for that moment.”
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