Justin Timberlake put on blast for referencing Britney Spears breakup in new book

Justin Timberlake

Cape Town — “Justin Timberlake still mentions Britney after 16 YEARS since their break up! He really cannot have a career without mentioning her literally every single interview (sic).”

This is just one of the many tweets putting American singer Justin Timberlake on blast about his subtle reference to Britney Spears in his book.

Subtle because Timberlake doesn’t actually mention Spears in his new book, “Hindsight: & All the Things I Can’t See in Front of Me,” but referencing his hit song “Cry Me River” that’s allegedly about Spears.

According to PEOPLE, Timberlake revealed he only needed a couple hours to write one of the biggest — and most personal — songs of his career.

“I’ve been scorned. I’ve been pissed off. I wrote “Cry Me a River” in two hours. I didn’t plan on writing it,” Timberlake writes in his new book.