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Joe Budden calls MacG ’a shock jock from wherever he is from’

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Local podcaster Macgyver “MacG” Mukwevho’s Ari Lennox interview has rubbed rapper turned podcaster Joe Budden the wrong way.

Reporting on the fallout from the interview “The Joe Budden Podcast” host said that when the online furore was happening, he purposefully skipped it since it’s not “their place” to talk about it.

MacG and Joe Budden. Picture: Instagram

He also added that every time he speaks about those kinds of topics, he gets dragged online.

Joe went on to recap the inappropriate question MacG asked and called him “a shock jock from wherever he is from.”

Following this, Pearl Thusi came to MacG’s defence and said: “@JoeBudden it’s better you leave MacG alone.

“Look at the numbers Joe, look at the numbers. That podcast isn’t some random thing from Africa.”

To which Joe replied: “Respectfully, i don’t care about this fam.”

Appearing on the “Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay”, MacG addressed Joe’s comments and said: “Please tell Joe Budden I am not a shock jock dawg, I am a broadcaster. I’ve been doing this longer than him.”

The controversial podcaster also took the opportunity to apologise to the “Pressure” singer for his inappropriate question where he asked if “ someone f****** you good right now?”

When asked by Van if he owed Ari an apology, MacG said: “Definitely, 100% man. In the beginning, I didn’t see anything wrong with what I said.

“But after watching your podcast last week with Rachel and watching Charlamagne’s ’Breakfast Club’ and the comments that they were saying about this whole thing.

“I actually sat back, I’m like, ’actually their on to something’, especially Rachel. I think, for me, I was looking in terms of if it’s in a lyric, then I can ask whatever it is. Nothing is off-limits.

“But what I think I learned from this is that it’s not what you’re asking but how you’re asking it.