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Chatunga’s ‘advisor’ speaks out

Chatunga Mugabe
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What is Entertainment Republic? Who is Max Mugaba? And what is their relationship to former president Robert Mugabe’s “play boys” Chatunga Bellarmine and Robert Jr?

The ownership of the local entertainment company is shrouded in mystery although names such as Tendai “Jones” Johannes and Mugaba are thrown in the ring when the issue of proprietorship of Entertainment Republic is discussed.

Last year, Chatunga, who is the brains behind another entertainment company Triplife Entertainment, triggered the fire over the ownership of Entertainment Republic when he took to Instagram and posted a picture of a huge crowd that had attended Thomas Mapfumo’s Homecoming Bira in April. Chatunga captioned the picture “History was made, then you say Triplife (facial emojis). Big Bira 2018.”

Entertainment Republic had organised the oversubscribed show.

Johannes and Mugaba had to go all out to dismiss the allegations linking Entertainment Republic and Triplife Entertainment.

However, last week Mugaba told Standard Style that although Entertainment Republic and Triplife Entertainment were two different things, he was still part and parcel of Mugabe’s sons’ entertainment company.

“Chatunga owns Triplife Entertainment, one of the fastest growing companies in South Africa’s concert business,” Mugaba said.

“I consulted on the setting-up and early management of the company, now my role is advisory, we have cultivated a brotherly relationship and we are collaborating on many projects since our visions are aligned.”

“Triplife Entertainment is going to be a very influential music executive to reckon with within the next two years. All hip-hop artistes, I urge you to follow Triplife, they are doing amazing profitable events.

“As for me, I have been in the industry since 2008 as May 7 Entertainment which is part of Entertainment Republic, the holding company that includes the soon-to-be-launched Institute of Music Management and Tsoka TV. We are almost in the final stages of our new music streaming up which should be launched beginning of 2020.”

The former president’s sons, known for their lavish and partying lifestyle, launched Triplife Entertainment in South Africa in November 2017, a few days after their father had been dethroned as president in a military takeover.

Mugaba said music promotion was not a viable business in Zimbabwe considering the ailing economy.

“Music promotion is not viable at the moment in our country. The economy is adverse, then generally the market is small again, but for me it has turned into a passion and expensive passion,” he said.

“So one is tempted to walk away, then you see the untapped talent in abundance, you are then pulled back into it with the hope of doing things differently from last time, then boom your saddled with mountains of debts trying to assist the talent break through and then you quit for the time you will be settling the debts once you are on you are feet you are back at it again because of the dopamine effect.” – The Standard