Kazembe Kazembe Denies Grabbing School Farm

Kazembe Kazembe

Kazembe Kazembe, a government minister, has denied forcefully grabbing a 1 350-hectare farm from Blackfordby College of Agriculture.

The minister said part of the farm was allocated to him procedurally and that he has an offer later from 2016. People at the college reportedly said that he (and soldiers) had grabbed the farm recently, after becoming a minister in the new government.

Said Kazembe:

it’s ridiculous that such an allegation is coming on the eve of primary elections when I have been on the farm for more than a year if not two.

I was officially and legally allocated a piece of land together with others who are also on the same farm.

Kazembe showed Daily News his offer letter dated November 30, 2016.