Newsday, Standard websites disconnected as they fail to make payments

Trevor Ncube

Alpha Media Holdings, Publishers of Newsday, Zimbabwe Independent and The Standard have been blocked from their administrative rights to access the website due to none payment TechnoMag has learnt.

Newsday Website today could not upload content because they have been blocked from accessing the back end, and the web administrators are likely to turn off the websites if the situation does not change said a source close to the developments has said.

The actual cost of the disconnection is a paltry USD $2000 which they have failed to pay yet sources confirmed to us that the web version alone generates around USD $6 000 every month.

Alpha Media Holdings Finance Director Mr Brian Maphosa, has confirmed that the website is down but over a technical issue.

“There is a small technical issue that we are attending to, but it should be back online shortly, in the next hour or so,” he said.

Asked on how he responds to the news that the real issue is actually disconnection due to a none payment, he insisted that the issue was technical and all will be well in the next hour.

The effect of the move has forced Newsday today to stay outdated, as the administrators can not log into the website to update news which they have already published on the print version.

A self-managed hosting system or VPS server that costs less than USD $80 running on Content Delivery Network (CDN) could have come in handy as a lasting solution for the company to avoid such embarrassment.

In the meantime, we wait to see if the issue is resolved within the next hour, and hopefully, they would have updated their news. To good read, the struggle continues for the Trevor Ncube run enterprise.

It seems trouble never ceases for his empire as recently he was in the news for failing to pay his employees the July salaries. Management, however, is yet to receive their salaries.

Source – technomag