Charamba accuses News Day of having vendetta against Mnangagwa

George Charamba

In a statement to The Herald yesterday, Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Mr George Charamba accused NewsDay of attacking President Mnangagwa after publishing an article on a travel warning issued by the United States.

Charamba said the NewsDay article ‘US Travel Warnings an Indictment on Mnangagwa’ is unfair considering that Mnangagwa is not to blame for the explosion at White City Stadium. He said the travel warning by the US is “a standard, routine precaution which any foreign government issues ahead of elections in any country.” Said Charamba:

Today’s NewsDay leader, ‘US Travel Warnings an Indictment on Mnangagwa’ is as illogical as it is unfair. By NewsDay’s own admission, the last such travel warning by the US Government was issued in November 2017 before Cde Mnangagwa’s Presidency.

Significantly, fears projected by that travel warning were confounded by the remarkably peaceful outturn of Operation Restore Legacy, and of course by the largely peaceful environment Zimbabwe has continued to enjoy since, even after the recent heinous, but isolated terrorist attack at White City Stadium in Bulawayo, which the world has roundly and unreservedly condemned. In spite of all this, still NewsDay finds President Mnangagwa blameworthy…

What is regrettable is that NewsDay, which surely knows better, uses this routine communication by a foreign Government to both cast doubt on the durable peace obtaining in the country and to attack President Mnangagwa personally by pooh-poohing his government’s highly successful engagement and re-engagement efforts.

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