Vaccination is an economic recovery tool, says Ncube

Prof. Mthuli Ncube

BULAWAYO – Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube has urged Zimbabweans to embrace the ongoing vaccination programme as it is one of the key pillars on which the country’s economic recovery is anchored on.

Presenting at the ongoing Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) on the economic recovery roadmap, Minister Ncube said Zimbabwe used most of its surplus to procure vaccines, because an open and functional economy stands a better chance of growth.

“Our medium to long term economic recovery strategy is the vaccination programme. Government is utilising a budget surplus of US$100 million from the previous year to procure vaccines to save lives and livelihoods,” he said.

Minister Ncube said the disruptions that rocked the global economy during the early Covid-19 days, should not be allowed to repeat themselves.

“So far, over US$127,3 million has been spent on procurement of 12,5 million vaccines and 15 million syringes from various countries. The target is to reach 60 percent herd immunity.

“Government will continue to mobilise additional resources to ensure the target population is fully vaccinated,” said Minister Ncube.

He explained how the $18 billion stimulus package, which was availed for businesses and other sectors, was utilized.

“Scaling-up production levels across all sectors of the economy; addressing the constraints faced by a large section of small-scale industries; improving health facilities; and reducing poverty and hardships to assist vulnerable groups in our society.

“For the productive sectors, Government has been providing guarantees mostly. This support was pivotal in vitalising agriculture,” said Minister Ncube.

Zimbabwe currently boasts of one of the most efficient vaccine procurement and distribution systems on the African continent. – Sunday News


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