Zimbabwe man in Canada pleading for help after passport accidentally returned to supermarket

Leonard Mawora is making a public plea to anyone who bought a Guess bag from the Winners store on Stavanger Drive in St. John's over the weekend. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)

Leonard Mawora can’t eat, he can’t sleep and he can’t stop searching for his passport.

His apartment is a mess of clothes after combing through every inch of his place — including all the trash bags.

The 26 year-old business student at Memorial University in St. John’s should be on his way home to Zimbabwe, but he’s stuck on his couch in his basement apartment.

“I am in a tight spot because in that passport was my study permit, there was my UK visa, my Canadian visa,” he said. “So I am stuck, I can’t even go anywhere”

Last week he purchased two bags from the Winners on Stavanger Drive to carry what he needed on the long journey to Africa.

He realized he didn’t need both bags — but had already started packing them — so he took out what he owned and brought the black Guess duffel bag back to the Winners store.

Little did he know that tucked away in that bag was the most important document he owned, and according to store staff someone bought the bag on Saturday, before Mawora could get it back.

In an email to CBC a spokesperson for Winners said it feels terrible about Mawora’s predicament. – Source: CBA

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