WWE star John Cena hits back at Ford lawsuit

Tampa, Florida – WWE wrestler John Cena is fighting back in his legal battle with Ford over the alleged “too early” sale of his rare Ford GT sportscar.

In December 2017 the automaker announced it was suing the American wrestling superstar for breach of contract, for selling his Ford GT sports-car earlier than his contract allowed and making a profit. Cena, one of WWE’s richest superstars, bought the GT in October 2017 for $463 376 (R5.56-million) but resold it shortly afterwards despite allegedly signing a purchase agreement that he’d hang onto it for at least two years.

Ford hand-picked its buyers for the mid-engined two-seater, choosing celebrities such as Cena for the brand building potential they offered. Cena, who also had a 2006 Ford GT, was chosen out of about 7000 applicants to buy the car, of which only 1000 examples will be built.

It’s not known how much Cena sold the GT for but Ford sued the wrestler for “breach of contract, fraudulent misrepresentation, and unjust enrichment”.

By selling the 482kW supercar less than a month after taking delivery, the wrestler lost Ford almost “two years of ambassadorship and brand value”, claimed the automaker in its lawsuit.

Multiple contracts

However, according to the Motor Authority website, Cena’s legal team have asked the court to throw out the case because the stipulation for keeping the sportscar for two years wasn’t in the final contract. Their case apparently rests on the fact that Cena apparently signed multiple contracts before buying the Ford GT, and not all of them mentioned the 24-month ownership stipulation.

We don’t know who has who in a head lock here, and it will be up to a judge to decide the outcome, or possibly the two sides could come to an out-of-court settlement. We reckon a far more entertaining way to sort it all out would be to put the two legal teams up against each other in the Wrestlemania ring.

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