ZMC board of commissioners ready to commence duties

THE newly-appointed Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) board has pledged its commitment to national image building through reforms that will enhance and influence the role of mass media in national development.

For at least six years the country did not have a functional media commission until July this year when nine commissioners were appointed before being sworn in last month.

Speaking to ZBC News in Mutare following a two-day induction training programme for the commission, the Chairperson, Professor Ruby Magosvongwe said they are ready to execute their constitutional mandate.

“I think we geared and ready to go to aid and assist in the image building engagement at local and re-engagement at the international level. Helping us as Zimbabweans to find each other through the different media industries that we have in the country.”

Other commissioners spoke on the importance of the training programme in preparing them for the task at hand.

“The thrust is to put us into shape as to what is going to be happening how we are going to unpack the various legislation that is there and how we are going to align our ideas and the mandate in terms of section 248 of the constitution. So we need to be equipped which is why we are here,” said Tanaka Muganyi, a ZMC Commissioner.

“We are here in Mutare to be trained on our role as commissioners and what is expected of us. We have been unpacking the various bills that are in place and we have learnt a lot from the facilitators. And I think we are ready to start our work now,” said Alec Ncube, another ZMC Commissioner.

The ZMC is expected to uphold, promote and enforce good practice and ethics, equitable wide access to information and the development of all indigenous languages in the country. – ZBC

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