‘Mnangagwa doing well so far, needs some more time’- Munyeza

Shingi Munyeza

Businessman and cleric Shingi Munyeza has come to the defence of president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s performance describing it as fair considering how run down the economy had been before he took over.

Munyeza said Zimbabwe, under former president Robert Mugabe’s watch, had all the indications of an urgently failing state. Therefore, Munyeza argues the turnaround of the country will take more time than anticipated.

“What you need to understand is that the turnaround of Zimbabwe is not going to happen in the next month, two, six months or a year. However it begins now,” said Munyeza addressing a gathering business people hosted by the Zimbabwe Diaspora Investment Group recently.

He added, “This is a car that has been going in the wrong direction at the speed of $150km/hr. You do not jam the brakes and reverse, you disengage, slow down. We will continue to go in the wrong direction but at a slower pace.

“So please let’s not be ambitious and say it’s month number four hee they were saying this and that. In November we did to 100km/hr. That’s still too fast in the wrong direction but before November we were going at 150 in the wrong direction. But I think they are doing well. Please let’s not over expect to say tomorrow potholes will disappear, every home in Harare will have water.”

Munyeza, a known staunch critic of Zanu PF and the previous government, said what Mnangagwa needed to accelerate the revival of the country was the endorsement of the international community which can quickly come if he facilitates credible elections this year. – NewZim

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