Woman sells urine for $5

DESPERATE times call for desperate measures!

A six-months pregnant Gweru woman pressed for money sold her urine to women who wanted to fool their lovers into believing that they were pregnant.

Sisa Sibanda is a single mother to a three-year-old daughter and with another on the way, it’s a hard knock life.

“I sold my urine to them because I needed money. It’s not like I stole the money,” Sibanda said.

If she had customers she could sell more of her urine and make tax free cash although some men would be taken for a ride by her would be customers.

“I need to buy preparation for my unborn baby,” she added.

But what if her urine is used for purposes of witchcraft?

“I am scared obviously but what can I do? They can bewitch me, I know but my prayer is that they don’t because I helped them as well,” said Sibanda.

Sibanda sold about 300ml (Coke bottle) contents of urine to two women. She charged $5 per container. Relatively her urine costs more than petrol because with $5 one can buy about three litres of fuel. – B-Metro

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