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Man fondles, kisses stranger at funeral

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TEMPTED to touch!

Mandlenkosi Ndlovu (50) of Mxotshwa Village in Lupane stunned the village when he was caught fondling and forcing himself on a woman at a funeral wake in the  village.

Ndlovu, a respected man in the area, was humiliated to the core when he was caught red-handed squeezing his manhood on a woman known as Immaculate Mpofu who had also attended the funeral at the village.

Village head Zwelitsha Moyo confirmed the incident while trying to put it in a very respectful way which seemed difficult.

“It is with utmost disgrace that Ndlovu, one of the well-respected men here was caught rubbing his manhood on Mpofu’s buttocks,” said Moyo.

Ndlovu, who is said to have been by the fire with other men stood up to go and relieve himself asking to be excused and later screams followed, attracting the attention of those who had attended the funeral.

Mondliwakhe Nkiwane, a witness, said he found Mpofu holding the woman’s breast.

“I was coming into the yard from my house when I saw Ndlovu approaching Mpofu, at first it wasn’t clear who they were since it was dark. I heard the woman scream and I rushed there to find him still holding her breasts. When Ndlovu saw me he quickly removed his hands from

Mpofu’s chest. It was a disgrace and humiliating especially when other people came our way and Mpofu explained,” said Nkiwane.

Mpofu opened up to B-Metro.

“That man is indeed a disgrace, he walked up to me and stood behind me while rubbing his manhood and firmly held my breasts. I tried to let go but he quickly turned me around to face him and began kissing me so that I could not scream. I pushed him at first but could not free myself, it was the second time that I won the fight and screamed, attracting people,” she said.

However, she later pleaded with B-Metro.

“I will be in trouble with my husband if he finds out I spoke to you,” added Mpofu.

Ndlovu was not reachable to comment as her grandson Lwandile Ndlovu refused that B-Metro speak to him.

“You are not going to speak to him so please leave us alone, we have been through so much already,” said Lwandile.

The village head said the Ndlovu family had agreed to give Mpofu a cow and four chickens as a way of apologising and also apologise to the bereaved family.

“They agreed to pay for what their grandfather did with a cow and four chickens and apologise to the family that had a funeral. Mpofu has     agreed to the terms, we just hope nothing of this sort happens again,” added Moyo.