Chief Neshuro, villagers fight over open grave

MWENEZI – A family in Mwenezi has refused to fill up a pit it had dug for a grave after Chief Neshuro ordered them to stop burying their relative at a graveyard that is now considered to be part of Neshuro Business Centre.

The families also complained that Chief Neshuro only stopped the burial after the pit for the grave had been dug out. The grave has been unfilled for the last two weeks as a result of the feud. Although the family complied with the Chief’s order and buried their loved one elsewhere, they stood their ground and refused to fill up the grave thereby leaving it open.

They also demanded that the chief himself fill up the grave.

The Mahlangu and Vambire families said Chief Neshuro’s order was provocative and vowed that they would not fill up the grave.

“He should come and fill up the grave himself; he is the one who barred us from burying our relative at that place. One of his advisors Bothel Shoko ‘Chibhotoro’ was there when people started digging the grave only to stop us at the last minute, so what is that?

“We will not fill it up and we want to see who dares to close that grave besides the chief himself,” fumed a family member who denied to be named.

Chief Neshuro confirmed the incident and said the place has not been used as a burial site for the past ten years since it is now at the middle of Neshuro Business Centre.

“Yes we barred them because the place is no longer used for that purpose. I have summoned them to my traditional court and they will pay a fine for wrong doing.

“The place is full. I have given the people at Neshuro Business Centre, a new burial site,” said Chief Neshuro. – Masvingo Mirror

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