Fake bond notes flood Chipinge

COUNTERFEIT bond notes are flooding the streets of Chipinge with accusing fingers being pointed at illegal money changers targeting unsuspecting street clients.A survey by The Manica Post revealed that the victims are falling prey to a systematic modus operandi by illegal money changers operating within the CBD.

The fake notes are mostly $5 bond notes.

One of the victims, Mrs Charity Muronzerei (35), said she received $300 fake bond notes from local money changers.

“My relative from South Africa wired me $US100 on Tuesday, and after collecting the money from the bank, I was swarmed by money changers and after transacting, I went to a local shop intending to buy bread only to be informed by the shopkeeper that I had tendered a fake note.

“I went back, but failed to locate the culprits. I tried in vain to recover my money,” she said.

Chipinge property owner Mr Simon Maphosa, said he usually receive fake notes from some of his tenants.

“Last week one of my tenants gave me fake notes disguised as monthly rentals. I detected the anomaly and upon interrogating the tenant, they said they had been given the $5 notes by illegal money changers,” he said.

Chipinge district police spokesperson, Sergeant Loveness Guta warned members of the public against dealing with illegal money changers.