Lord Hain’s Zimbabwe hypocrisy

March 18, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

The British peer and anti-corruption campaigner, who spoke out against state capture, is doing business with some controversial characters. By Amabhungane Peter Hain, a British peer made headlines in South Africa when he campaigned against […]


A glimmer of sunshine in Zimbabwe

March 11, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

As state security minister in the 1980s, he was in office during the Matabeleland massacres that killed as many as 10,000 ethnic Ndebele in an effort by the ruling Zanu-PF to crush political opposition and […]


The Story of Elizabeth Tsvangirai

February 23, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

A true Mirror of human rights encroachments faced by Widows in Zimbabwe By Patience Sibanda (intern at Zimbabwe Democracy Institute) The ill-treatment of widows was more like a norm in traditional Zimbabwean societies as people […]


MDC breaking its own constitution

February 17, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

There are two political discussions taking place concurrently around the MDC-T leadership spectacle that reached a crescendo with the passing of Morgan Tsvangirai. By Hopewell Chin’ono One led by rationale and logical thinking hinged on […]


My Interview with Morgan Tsvangirai

February 14, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

Ten years ago I interviewed the Zimbabwean Opposition Leader, Morgan Tsvangirai. It was the cover interview of the second ever edition of Total Politics magazine Tonight it was announced he had died, at the age […]

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