Hands Off Grace Mugabe – Malema

South African opposition leader Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Front (EFF) has described as “small minded” and “foolish” the targeting of Grace Mugabe by enemies of her late husband and former President Robert Mugabe.

Malema on Tuesday said Mugabe’s enemies must accept that he defeated them while he still loved and stop bothering his surviving spouce.

Grace has in recent weeks clashed with “invaders” into her properties whom she believes have been sent by allies of President Mnangagwa to fix her.

Grace Mugabe fronted the G40 faction that was involved in a bitter succession war with the Lacoste faction led by Mnangagwa before her late  husband was ousted in a coup in November 2017.

“There are small minded people who always get tempted to blame Cde Grace Mugabe for whatever reasons and we see that as a direct attack on the legacy of President Mugabe, you must have courage to confront President Mugabe and leave his wife out of your hatred of his politics,” said Malema.

“It is only fools who target wives when they are defeated by the husbands. You must accept that the husband defeated you when he was still alive and leave his wife and children alone.

“Allow them to live in Zimbabwe in peace. We don’t want to wake up one morning and we are told that Grace is no longer staying in Zimbabwe because she was victimised for the political stance which was taken by the husband.”

Source – Byo24