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Elvis Nyathi: Activists to shutdown SA businesses in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwean activists under the banner of One Africa Movement have threatened to shut down all companies that are owned by South African investors in Zimbabwe over the gruesome murder of one Mbhodazwe Elvis Nyathi in the neighbouring country’s Diepsloot township.

Speaking to this reporter on Friday the  Zimbabwe Coordinator of One Africa Movement Zibanayi Sibanda said his organization was holding a meeting on Friday to determine a program of action that will make sure the South African government and investors feels the pinch of allowing lawlessness and promoting afrophobic vigilantism to abound.

“One Africa Movement will convene a special council meeting on Friday 8 April 2022 to discuss the way forward in light of this barbaric act and these Donald Trump like characters who want to score cheap political points through hurting others and propagating hate in the name of patriotism and putting South Africa first.” Sibanda said.

He added that Afrophobia was ignited by power hungry politicians who wanted to ride on anti-foreigner sentiment to win the 2024 elections.

“None of us made a conscious decision to be born in our countries of birth and none of us made a decision to be African. We all deal with the hand we have been dealt in the best way possible.  Afrophobia is a cancer that has been brought back to life by Operation Dudula and some power hungry characters like Herman Mashaba who spread hate as if that will solve the economic challenges faced by individuals.

“The death of Elvis Nyathi is an unforgivable sin as nothing said or done will bring him back to life. His blood is on Nhlanhla Lux’s hands , Herman Mashaba, Gayton Mackenzie and everyone who spews Afrophobic hate all have a share in the blood and death of Elvis Nyathi.”
Meanwhile Operation Dudula leader Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini has tweeted that, “can’t cry for this 1 Zim guy bcos my tears ran out crying for the 7 South Africans  that were killed by Zimbabweans It’s disgusting how this 1 death is enjoying more media, political attention & sympathy over the 7 SA deaths (sic)”

Recently, African National Congress Spokesperson Pule Mabe  said they supported the activities of the extremist xenophobic vigilante group Operation Dudula because it resonated with the generality of South Africans.

Sibanda said his movement had identified the following South African investment companies operating  in Zimbabwe which will be shut down until justice for Elvis Nyathi is achieved.

Karo Mining Holdings
Mimosa Companies
Anglo America
Pick n Pay