Mnangagwa Wants To Rig Elections In ‘Smart’ Way, Elections Will Not Take Place Without Reforms: MDC-T

Morgan Komichi

The Nelson Chamisa led opposition MDC-T party has claimed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF are planning to rig the 2018 harmonised elections “smartly.”

This was said by MDC-T national chairperson Morgan Komichi at a press conference on Monday.

Komichi said that his party was certain that its leader Nelson Chamisa was going to win the elections. He also said that his party had adequately prepared and was ready for the 2018 harmonised elections. Komichi then said that his party had intelligence that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was planning to rig elections through ballot printing. He also accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) of being aware of what Zanu-PF was planning. Said Komichi,

We are aware that Zanu-PF wants to rig elections using the ballot papers. There is chromatography technology that is used. That’s why we want to be part and parcel of the process because that’s where the election will be. Emmerson Mnangagwa wants to do smart rigging.

MDC-T elections secretary Murisi Zwizwai added that Fidelity Printers cannot be trusted to print the ballot papers and insisted that the ballot papers should be printed outside the country. He also insisted that representatives from his party should be allowed to accompany the ballot papers back home once the printing is done.

The MDC-T also clarified on earlier reports that it was threatening to boycott the 2018 harmonised election unless reforms are implemented. Komichi said that if the Mnangagwa government did not implement reforms, then his party was not going to boycott elections.

Instead, it was going to ensure that elections did not take place. However, despite being asked to clarify what he meant he refused to give more details on how they would do this.

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