‘Mnangagwa a threat to national security’ says Jonathan Moyo

Prof Jonathan Moyo

Professor Jonathan  Moyo has insinuated that President Emmerson Mnangagwa could be  a threat to national security through his deliberate policy of promoting people from his own tribe.

Said Moyo, “If a president can find and appoint loyal security cadres only from his or her clan, tribe or region & sees security cadres from other clans, tribes and regions as disloyal by definition; then that president is illegitimate and a gravely dangerous threat to national security!”

Moyo had earlier on commented on the recent removal of Aaron Nhepera from the Intelligence, calling it a clanisation of the intelligence service.

“Mnangagwa has completed the clanisation of national intelligence by shunting out Aaron Nhepera from the CIO, where he was deputy director general to Isaac Moyo, who is the director general with Owen Mudha Ncube as minister. National intelligence is now clan intelligence!”

Nhepera was moved to be the Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs.
Since his ascendency to power Mnangagwa promoted people from Midlands and from karanga ethnicity.

In the previous government President Robert Mugabe was accused of favoring the Zezuru tribe.

Source – Byo24