Ginimbi burial: mourners, undertakers starve as thieves harvest cellphones

It was an epoch – a way of life that will never happen again!

The late flamboyant businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s burial on Saturday proved that only Jesus can feed a multitude, as he did when he broke five loaves and two fish as stated in John 6:1-14.

Thousands thronged Ginimbi’s burial at his mansion in Nyamande village in Domboshava such that the catering crew failed to meet the demand of food for mourners.

Visibly hunger stricken mourners could be seen sitting on the lawn and a certain lady dressed in green rudely told bouncers to ‘evacuate’ mourners outside of the mansion grounds.

Some of Ginimbi’s close friends, notably Denford Jiro and Rolen ‘Uncle Rolen’ Muchegwa, were denied access into the mansion resulting in pandemonium from mourners who ordered security to grant access to the duo.

With the lifestyle he lived and the wealth he worked for versus the way his friends and family were treated at his burial, Ginimbi must be turning in his grave!

It was not clear whether it was scarcity of food or disorganised catering services, but what was clear is that mourners were starving.

To add salt insult to injury, cellphone thieves came to party and several mourners lost their phones.

This writer established that cellphone thieves were working in cahoots with rogue security personnel manning the entrance to the mansion.

At least five journalists lost their phones, with several other mourners also falling victim to the same modus operandi.

Meanwhile, Ginimbi was buried on the grounds of his mansion on the far left corner of the spacious yard.

The funeral cortege left Harare in the afternoon and arrived in Nyamande village at 18.45hr and welcomed by a slight downpour,  compelling the superstitious to assert  that it was a signal of a  hero’s send off.

The Mercedes Benz Pilato hearse that carried Ginimbi’s lifeless body was side swiped near Mungate shopping centre in Domboshava and the incident sent tongues wagging.

Despite of the hunger, loss of phones and minor accident, Ginimbi was peacefully laid to rest.

Many remain curious on the distribution and value of his estate. – Zim Morning Post

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