MDC wants ministers to use local hospitals

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa says if elected into power, his ministers will be compelled to receive treatment locally to ensure that government improves social amenities.

By Tatenda Chitagu

Chamisa also declared the upcoming election was a walkover against a “tired” President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Addressing thousands of his supporters at Muchakata business centre on Friday, Chamisa challenged Mnangagwa to declare his assets.

“There is no minister who will be treated outside when hospitals are short of drugs, first put your house in order for everyone to benefit,” he said.

“They have houses out of Zimbabwe, [are] treated out of Zimbabwe [and] holiday out of Zimbabwe.

“Ministers should be treated in Zimbabwe before we sort our hospitals.

“Even at the University of Zimbabwe, they should send their children there so that we will sort out our things. They forget their parents and where they came from.”

Chamisa described the forthcoming election as a delayed match.

“It’s a delayed match. The elections are a walkover. I will beat Mnangagwa hands down. The darkest hour is just before dawn,” he said.

Chamisa said he was prepared to declare his assets before the elections.

“Let’s declare our assets. I challenge Mnangagwa on that one and I know he won’t agree,” he said.

“I challenge Mnangagwa on that so that we know where he got his obscene wealth.

“Declaration of assets by all leaders should be done, even your small houses, and if we say that, Mnangagwa won’t pass the test.”

Chamisa also dug in on electoral reforms, insisting he would boycott the polls if Zanu PF did not give in to reforms.

“I had a meeting with American diplomats, that’s why I delayed coming here. They wanted me to apprise them on the elections preparedness. I told them there are no reforms regarding security of the ballot, where the ballot papers are going to be printed and who will guard them,” he said.

“I told the American diplomats that the electoral playing field is not level yet and if there are no reforms, then there are no elections.”

Chamisa said if elected to power, he would give people that power to recall truant representatives.