‘Number one’ drama. . . Nust lecturer threatens to shoot man over urine

POWER of the gun!

A university lecturer cum businessman is alleged to have used gun threats to scare off a city man who had peed next to his car.

Dumisani Madzivanyati, a lecturer at the National University of Science and Technology (Nust) business school and proprietor of popular pub, East 68, had a confrontation with a city dealer, Zibusiso Hadebe who had opened his zipper for the “number one” job at around 7.30 pm on Tuesday 21 November next to the businessman’s Toyota Land cruiser.

Madzivanyati is alleged to have told Hadebe to pee far away from his car and in a brief exchange of harsh words a mini fight broke out.

“He had parked his car at the centre parking of Haddon and Sly complex where he approached me when I was peeing and accused me of messing his vehicle and I apologised but he moved closer and said I was wetting his legs.

“I tried to apologise. He didn’t listen and started beating me up. I then had to defend myself and my friends intervened,” said Hadebe.

Sources who saw the drama unravel said Madzivanyati, who was in the company of a woman, then left the scene only to return later in the company of a soldier. But not before he threw a punch and received two on his face that staggered him off balance.

“The soldier was not interested in the matter, he only said that Madzivanyati gave him a lift into town when he was on his way from Mater Dei Hospital and didn’t know he was going to be involved in something of that sort,” said the source.

After the soldier left, the gun issue came into play.

“He jumped out of the car and came straight to us holding a gun threatening to shoot us. We never moved and after his threats he left us,” claimed Hadebe.

Madzivanyati told B-Metro that he had a gun that day because as a businessman, he moves around with a lot of cash.

“I had a gun during the incident but I didn’t point it towards anyone. I am a businessman and I was carrying a lot of cash that day so it was for self defence,” he said.

A crowd began to gather around to watch the spectacle and the businessman sped off only to return with police officers.

“We were shocked when he returned later in the company of police officers claiming we had destroyed his car. That was fabricated and I don’t have any idea what happened to his car,” added Hadebe.

The police then summoned Hadebe and a colleague Alfred Chitambo over the fracas.

“We kept going to the police, we went about three times and Madzivanyati never pitched. At the end the matter was moved forward for a pre-trial,” said Chitambo.

It was at the pre-trial last week that Zibusiso and Chitambo raised the gun allegations. The matter was then sent back to the police for further investigations. – B-Metro

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