‘Trade between Zimbabwe and UK down to £126 million last year’ – Penny Mordaunt

The Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP (Getty images)

LONDON – Trade between Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom has been on the decline over the past three years dropping from a peak of £461 million in 2018 to £126 million last year, the lowest in a decade.

British Minister of State for International Trade Penny Mordaunt told Parliament that Zimbabwean companies enjoyed duty-free and quota-free exports for products including blueberries, peas, and tea.

The United Kingdom was at one time Zimbabwe’s second-largest trading partner after South Africa but it is now 138th.

Trade between the two countries rose from £239 million in 2016 to £407 in 2017 and on to £461 before dropping to £205 in 2019 and £199 in 2020.

According to the UK Department of International Trade, the five top exports to Zimbabwe were:

  1. Road vehicles
  2. Cars
  3. Specialised machines
  4. Office machines
  5. Live animals

The top five imports from Zimbabwe were:

  1. Vegetables and fruits
  2. Coffee, tea, and cocoa
  3. Jewelry
  4. Works of art
  5. Metal ores and scrap

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