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Zimra demands passenger lists at border

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HARARE – Bus operators and others moving passengers and goods into Zimbabwe must now send the Zimra customs officers at the point of entry a full list of people and goods on the vehicle at least three hours before arriving at the border.

In a statement Zimra told all transport operators to submit in writing a signed declaration, Customs Road Manifest (Form 1) and produce all documents relating to the goods, freight and journey as may be requested by a revenue officer.

“The person in charge of any vehicle, other than a railway train, shall submit manifest of the passengers, crew and goods being conveyed by the vehicle, signed by the person authorised to sign such manifest at the place of departure for Zimbabwe,” read the statement.

“The manifest must be transmitted to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority at the destined port of entry, in the case where the vehicle is an omnibus or any vehicle conveying goods or passengers for profit, no later than three hours before arrival of the vehicle at the port of entry or within such shorter time as the Commissioner may allow.”

Zimra said regardless of whether the vehicle is conveying goods or not, the person in charge of the vehicle shall proceed immediately with the vehicle to the custom house or customs post at the port of entry.

Zimra also added that failure to comply with the provisions of the Customs and Excise Act is an offence attracting a fine or imprisonment.