Zimbabweans capable of developing their country: APA

Dr Nkosana Moyo

The Dr Nkosana Moyo led Alliance for People’s Agenda has expressed confidence over the Zimbabweans capability to work for the development of the country if the environment is conducive.

“Soon after independence we began shunning vocational training for white collar qualifications. We have successfully built universities in every province of the country. Despite all this success has eluded us,” APA said.

“Our leaders still look to the white race for solutions. Unbelievable! As Alliance for the People’s Agenda we have no doubt as to the abilities of Zimbabweans. The expertise lacking in our traditional political movements is abundant in private citizens. We are confident that given a chance and the right environment Zimbabwe will be delivered into prosperity by Zimbabweans.”

The party said that is why an APA government will be made up of professionals with expertise in different vocations with a demonstrable track record of working successfully at the highest level.

“We will deliver success and prosperity to Zimbabwe by Zimbabweans of all races and tribes, united and working together. These 2 videos tell the story of the people in charge of central and local governments,” APA said.

“The majority of Zimbabweans elected them. These are their public confessions about their competences in leadership and where they believe solutions lie. And the majority of Zimbabweans gave them the mandate until 2023.”

Source – Byo24