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Zimbabwe Expresses Readiness to Join BRICS Alliance

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TEHRAN,– Zimbabwe is poised to become a member of the progressive BRICS group, according to Defense Minister Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri.

“Zimbabwe stands ready to join this progressive group which will offer an alternative conducive environment to trade freely with other nations,” the Herald newspaper quoted Muchinguri Kashiri as saying.

Speaking at the “World Majority for a Multipolar World” international inter-party forum with BRICS and partner countries in Vladivostok, Muchinguri Kashiri highlighted the unique attributes of the BRICS alliance.

“The BRICS countries’ model is based on a unique relationship guided by the non-alignment principle, which has not only enabled breaking through ideological constraints but has also facilitated economic growth based on mutual respect, common progress, and prosperity,” she stated.

“Zimbabwe, like many of the other countries represented here, has strong conviction in BRICS’ potential to counterbalance Western powers’ dominance by challenging their unilateral decision-making and promoting a more balanced global landscape.”

Muchinguri Kashiri emphasized the strategic importance of BRICS and partner countries in fostering global cooperation.

“BRICS and partner countries are creating an effective mechanism for developing relations between the countries of the global majority,” she noted.

She also underscored the necessity for collective security measures in today’s interconnected world.

“Our commitment to international peace and security must therefore be influenced by the realization that in an interconnected world, security threats, especially emerging ones, do not respect international boundaries. Consequently, insecurity in any one part of the globe is insecurity to all of us,” she pointed out.

BRICS, a major economic alliance founded by Russia, China, India, and Brazil, later included South Africa. The bloc has recently expanded, welcoming Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates as full members on January 1, 2024.

Zimbabwe’s readiness to join BRICS signals a significant step towards strengthening its economic and geopolitical ties within this influential group, potentially enhancing its global trade relations and contributing to a more multipolar world order.