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Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Denies Allegations of Improper Procurement

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Harare,– The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has addressed recent social media rumours alleging improper procurement of election materials for the 2023 Harmonised Elections.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission states that it had no contract for supplying election materials with either Wicknell Chivayo, Mike Chimombe, Moses Mpofu or Scott Sakupwanya. It also claims it did due diligence on inflated invoices from SA supplier Ren-Form CC

Acting Chief Elections Officer, Ms. C. Ngandini, issued a statement to clarify the situation and assure the public of the commission’s adherence to procurement regulations.

“We have noted with great concern social media posts and rumours circulating online that are causing public alarm and despondency,” said Ngandini. “We would like to put it on record that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has no contract nor did it procure any election material from or through individuals being mentioned in the reports.”

Ngandini emphasized that all materials for the 2023 elections were obtained following strict procurement regulations. “There was due diligence as all tender processes were subjected to oversight,” she stated. “We challenge all those alleging that the Commission has a contract with the three individuals to come forward and present the same.”

Meanwhile, Harare lawyer Tino Chinyoka commented on the recent controversy involving the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and social media allegations. “To be fair, the social media reports never said ZEC had any contract with the three individuals or any other persons.

Rather, it’s quite clear that it is being claimed that ZEC had contracts with companies, and these individuals are only alleged to have been given ‘commissions.’ It’s very easy to deny something that’s not been said, and one hopes the Commission is not hiding behind legal sophistry here.”

Addressing the financial aspects of the procurement, Ngandini declared that the actual amounts spent were significantly lower than those being speculated online.

“We want to also publicly declare that the actual amounts used for the procurement of all the election materials were far less than the figures being mischievously circulated on social media. All election materials procured during the 2023 Harmonised Elections were delivered on time,” she noted.

Ngandini further clarified that the commission had verified with the suppliers, who confirmed in writing that there were no contracts with the individuals mentioned in the rumours.

“The Commission has also checked with the supplier who categorically stated in writing that they did not have any contract with the same individuals for the supply of election materials during the 2023 Harmonised Elections. Furthermore, there were no third parties between the Commission and all election material suppliers,” she said.

The ZEC’s statement strongly refuted any allegations of misconduct. “Any statements suggesting a contractual link between ZEC and these individuals for the supply of the 2023 Harmonised Elections materials are inaccurate, misleading, and mischievous and therefore should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve,” Ngandini asserted. “The Commission assures all its stakeholders that all procurements were above board.”

This clarification aims to dispel the rumours and reaffirm the commission’s commitment to transparency and integrity in its operations.